Data Risk and YOUR liability

‘Job’ listings

A by no means exhaustive list of bogus ‘jobs’ to have appeared on Universal Jobmatch since its 19th November 2012 live date:

Powercuts – Room to let (??/??/14) [Twitter listing on 4th Feb, live at 16:34]]
Scan of a letter, Bogus jobs online, published in the Daily Mail (24/12/13)
Company Confidential – Female Escorts (1?/12/13) [Mirror article]
Wookey Hole Caves Ltd – Witch (23/09/13)
Solarworld – Pirate  (08/07/13)
I.D.S Pest Control Services – Pest Control Trainee (04/03/13)
HMP Wormword Scrubs – Transition Manager (21/12/12)
Transport Research Laboratory – Transport Safety Testers (14/12/12)
Loaded TV – Home Internet Presenters (08/12/12)
Secret Intelligence Service – Target Elimination Specialist (22/11/12)

Bogus/scam employer accounts and stories
Cash, passport and bank account scammer advertising at Birkenhead JCP
A list of fake employers
£60/six weeks telesales job – reported and repeat-listed
NO UNIVERSAL JOBMATCH (video): 89-plus applications received for hoax General Assistant position by ’employer’ Duncan
“Fake” user account (screen grabs)

Channel 4 News items
A third of all the jobs available on UJ maybe fake across whole areas
Hackers use government jobs site to steal your data
Security holes remain in government jobseekers site

Disclaimer (5.2) removing liability for loss of data
Standards of Behaviour for Jobseekers (registration acknowledgement)

Non-registration of Universal Jobmatch permitted and workable to claim

Welfare Reform Act 2012 legislation
Welfare Reform Act 2012, Sec 17, 3(c)

DWP documents
Universal Jobmatch Toolkit guidance (16/09/13)
– points: 57, 101,
Universal Jobmatch Q&A (show Qs 7+8)


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